The EdTech Performance Marketing Learnings of 2021 (Part-1)



Arushi Monga

July 21, 2022


Arushi Monga

Bangalore-based Byju’s is the world’s most valuable EdTech company in 2022, with its current valuation at $22 billion.

The global EdTech market size is expected to reach over $230 billion by 2028.

If you plan to get a piece of this profit pie and leverage performance marketing for your EdTech, then this video is for you.

As we have handled over 1.5 CR in Ad budget for Ed Tech, we learned a few new things on the way. In this video, we share the EdTech Performance Marketing Learnings of 2021 and some expert tips and advice.

Learn what works in EdTech performance marketing and what to expect.   

Performance Marketing Learnings for Edtech Companies

The Edtech industry is notorious for being fragmented. A highly cluttered market poses the biggest challenge to any Ed-tech company. Therefore, all efforts must appeal to all stakeholders (students, teachers, school boards, parents, etc. So, build on these lessons while running your ad campaigns:

  1. Direct Ad Response does not work anymore

Just filling out a form does not guarantee that parents will be buying your program. A thorough evaluation of the decision-making process of Ed-tech prospects is essential to improving conversion rates.

  1. Expect low CTR

There are several underlying factors that lead to low CTR for edtech companies:

  • Very wide Audience demographic
  • Paying capacity of the customers. Not everyone may be able to afford your plans.
  • Compatibility of the program with kids and their needs
  • Huge Competition across all ranges, K-12, college kids, those wanting to study abroad, and even professional courses

3. Positioning and ad copy require many takes because of their extremely tough and diverse offerings. Evolve your ad copy and landing pages as you go.

4. Sales and marketing teams need to work on a close circuit

You cannot expect all of your leads to convert. The sales team can take insights from the lost leads and then the marketing team can work on those to optimize their campaigns by crafting the ad copy and messaging that will work as a driving force for their performance marketing campaigns.

Leverage Performance Marketing for EdTech Startup

The data-driven strategies of performance marketing help you capitalize on this booming Edtech industry. Performance marketing is a great way to connect with your customers and bridge accessibility gaps.

It is also important to find out where leads are dropping off at each stage. In this way, the acquisition process can be improved and optimized at every stage. 

Performance marketing can play a vital role in setting up your Ed-tech platform.

With our experience with EdTech companies, we are constantly learning and upgrading. 

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Join us on a journey to create an ed-tech revolution.

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