XOR Labs Helps Healthtech Brand Grow by 8000%



Arushi Monga

November 17, 2022


Arushi Monga

 XOR Labs, a Chandigarh-based performance marketing agency, helped Fitelo grow by 80x in the last three years.

The partnership started in early 2019. The performance marketing agency started with Meta Ads and eventually took over the Google Ads platform for the fitness brand. The scaling efforts started with the onset of the pandemic, when people were trapped in their homes and many reported a gain in weight due to a lack of physical activity.

Siddharth Dwivedi

Siddharth Dwivedi, Co-founder, and Head of Growth, at XOR Labs, said, “Promoting a health and wellness brand digitally is complex. There are so many things you cannot do. In the last two years, Facebook removed all ailments-based interests that advertisers used to target people. Plus, on Google, you cannot do remarketing. So instead we tried to focus on targeting people based on their behaviors and based on insights from user personas. The customer profiling helped. Plus, the content selection was key for the growth in the longer run.”

He also added, “We were impressed with the processes that Fitelo had internally and loved to work with the brand from the very first day. The growth came on the back of a great collaboration from both sides. Fitelo’s team was extremely supportive. Our focus was to give the right media push to the right content at the right place‚Äďand our team was able to do that well at scale.”

Sahil Bansal, Co-founder, and CEO, Fitelo, said, “It’s been an extraordinary experience working with the XOR Labs team over the last three years. They took care of our performance marketing strategy and execution throughout the time. We felt they were a perfect partner in being there for us when we needed scaling and changes on priority.”

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