The EdTech Performance Marketing Learnings of 2021 (Part 2).



Arushi Monga

July 28, 2022


Arushi Monga

In this video, we will talk about some real numbers we have experienced in the EdTech brand. We will look at the CPM in the Edtech industry that we have seen in some of the Edtech brands we worked with in 2021. 

This will be genuinely beneficial for a lot of edtech brands that are working to establish themselves out there. So in this video on Edtech Performance Marketing Learnings (Part 2), we will specifically talk about Facebook ads for Edtech brands and CPM in the Edtech industry.

Average CPM in India for various Edtech brands

  1. Higher Education Programs

First, we will study numbers from a higher education program for students aged 19 to 25. The average CPM in India we saw for this brand was 59.19. This was achieved after rigorous Facebook ad testing and an ad spending budget of Rs 1.5 crores. It is expected that this number will increase in subsequent years. 

However, for now, this number serves as a benchmark for CPM in the Edtech industry for higher education programs through Facebook ads. 

2. Professional courses or upskilling courses

Next, we will discuss the numbers from upskilling courses. Their target audience is mainly professionals who have just started their careers or those who are looking to make a switch in their careers. For example, there are courses related to marketing and copywriting. These kinds of Edtech brands saw a CPM of 62.12 in all of the cases. 

The main reason behind this, as we figured out, is that the market is still very ripe. The average CPM in India for these kinds of courses is comparatively lower than it was in the first category. Again, we can expect these numbers to rise as the edtech industry itself is seeing a lot of players entering the market.

3. Courses for small kids

Next up are courses for small kids. Creating Facebook ads for such courses can be a little tricky. The target audience is the parents who decide which course to choose. In this case, the CPM suddenly jumps to Rs 141.42. 

Performance Marketing for Edtech Success

In this video, we study three different genres of EdTech brands and benchmark CPM in the Edtech industry. Nonetheless, the CTRs in the edtech industry in India are comparatively lower irrespective of the great creativity. The expected CTRs are less than 1%, especially when you are trying to scale. 

What we can learn from these insights is that experimenting with your ads and tweaking your ad creatives and brand communication have the potential to keep your lead funnel busy. 

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