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Arushi Monga

June 29, 2022


Arushi Monga

Google Analytics 4 will be your stallion Google Analytics solution from July 1, 2023, onwards. We recommend setting up GA4 and getting familiar with it right away to ensure that you have an easy transition without missing out on valuable data.
XOR Labs has come up with a video series on Google Analytics. In the last video, we talked about the Technical differences between Universal Analytics v/s GA4.

Everything inside Google Analytics 4 is an event. Whether you are making a click, whether you are making a purchase, or whether you are scrolling to the end of the page.

The XOR Labs Team has been tracking events in Google Analytics 4 and using all four categories of events. Here from our Google Analytics expert for setting up events in Google Analytics 4 and tracking events in Google Analytics 4 as per your business goals.

Using GA 4 to track events lets you see when users interact with elements and forms on your web pages and can help you understand how their interactions affect your conversion rates.

Tracking everything in form of events provides a standardized way that is uniform across all the devices. Earlier the way you tracked data on mobile devices was very different from the way you did it on a web app. But GA4 allows you to do this very easily and uniformly with events.

How can Google Analytics event tracking be used?

Prior to getting into the details of how to get everything up and running,  Let’s examine some of the methods that Event monitoring can be applied to assess user engagement with your website. The following is a list of some typical applications for event tracking:

  • Tracking the clicking of external links to other websites.
  • Figuring out how many people clicked on “Contact Now” or call-to-action phone numbers. This may aid in your ability to comprehend the volume of inquiries coming from your website.
  • Monitoring downloads of PDF files and other media.
  • Measuring video content interactions, such as the length of time spent watching a video.
  • Tracking the precise point at when customers stop completing the fields on your forms or at checkout.
  • Tracking the number of clicks on special website components, like the “Buy Now” call to action on your product page.
  • Counting the number of users who completed and submitted a form, even though I would always advise directing users to thank-you pages.

You can count interactions with your website using event monitoring even if they don’t necessarily involve loading another page. You can also create Google Analytics events depending on any of your business objectives. For this purpose, Google Analytics has four types of events that cover all the possible tracking events that there can be.

Google Analytics has four categories of events

  • Automatically collected events
  • Enhanced Measurement events
  • Recommended events
  • Custom events

In this GA4 video, our Google Analytics expert will explain what each type of GA4 event means. Find the list of automatically collected events. How to implement custom events using global site tags and Google tag manager. More on that in the next video. 

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